CS GO trade up profit finder is a tool aimed to help you find automatically cases where a trade up is worth it in Counter Strike Global Offensive. The tool simply by pressing will grab the price of all guns in the market and will provide the cases where the lowest valued gun that can be provided from the trade up is worth more than the 10 guns you put in (including or excluding the market fees depending on your preference). The software can also take into account gun float values into consideration enabling you to check for cases where good quality guns (based on float) are put in the trade up.
New in this version:

  • V0.2b Added the Gamma 2 case guns in the tool

How to use:

  • Enter float values: By default the lowest quality floats for each category are used. The user can change the float values to locate more complicated trade ups (where higher floats are needed). For example look for Battle scarred guns with float of 0.6 instead of 1 which is the lowest quality.
  • By checking the option “Include market rate commission in the profit calculation” the software will only look for cases where if you sold the gun on the market would get you more money than you paid for it. Leaving the option unchecked will provide all trade ups where the value of the gun is higher to the value of the 10 guns you put in.
  • By checking the option “Present all trade ups including the non-profitable” the software will also present the non-profitable trade ups for you to see.
  • Click “Grab prices and Calculated” for the software to start obtaining the current gun prices and calculating the results for the table.
  • Once the software is done the price grid below will provide the potential trade ups. The software will list for you which gun you should purchase from each collection at what condition and alongside it the worse gun you can get from this trade up its condition and its price.

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