Our Emailer is aimed in helping you sending emails in bulk without them being flagged as spam.

Bottopias bulk emailer

Bottopias Emailer


  • Spinned Email with tags
  • Plaintext or html email

New in this version:

How to use:

  • Open the program.
  • Load up the email addresses you want to sent emails to into the spreadsheet. Make sure you fill in any information you have about the email address such as firstname lastname and other info that will help your email not to be flagged as spam. (the software can allow Saving and Importing the spreadsheet for future use)
  • Go to the message tab. Fill in the Subject and Body. Both subject and body can be spinned using {spin1|spin2} and can allow the following custom tags [firstname], [lastname], [email], [info1] and [info2]
  • Select if the Body is in HTML or Plaintext
  • Go to the account tab. Fill in the account details (Server Host (smtp host), server port,username, password, email, display name). The account details can also be saved and loaded for future use
  • Go to the status tab and Click “Start” the software should start sending emails

Please note:
Bottopia holds not responsibility for any unlawful use of this application.

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