QuickBacklinks is the easy way to get backlinks that can help indexing your website.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast page creation using multi-threading
  • Can add new auto backlink webpages to the list
  • Export successful created webpages to ping

New in this version:

  • V0.5 Bug fixes
  • V0.4 Added an automatic update feature to the software
  • V0.3 Added an automatic update check to the software.
  • V0.2.2: Modifications to avoid errors in the upcoming site update
  • V0.2.1: Minor bug fixes
  • V0.2: Minor enhancements to the GUI and bug fixes

How to use:
1. Choose file with backlinks list. A file called “link list.txt” contains over 20,000 sites is accompanying the program but you can also do your own.
2. Enter your website name without http:// for example
3. Select the number of threads
4. Click Start
5 (Optional) When the program completes click save successes and create a txt file with a list of all the backlinks you gained. You can then use this list to ping your backlinks for faster indexing.

How to use Quickbacklinks

Upcoming features:

  • Pinging from inside the program
  • Online constantly updated live backlink list (so that you don’t need to update the software to get the latest backlinks added to the list)

Click here to Download QuickBacklinks V0.5
Click here to Download QuickBacklinks V0.5
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