Rank Tracker is a tool aimed in helping you keeping a track of your websites rank in SERPS

Rank Tracker

  • Supports Google (International and local, for complete list of Google versions supported click here ), Yahoo and Bing
  • Yahoo and Bing support
  • Human emulation
  • Proxy support

How to use:

  • Create a profile for each website you want to track its ranking by clicking the create a profile button
  • Choose the required fields and click save
  • Now using the combobox select the profile you want to check
  • If you want you can set up proxies and/or human emulation
  • Click start check
  • After your results are finished click save results
How to use Rank Tracker

New in this version:

  • V1.2 Removed duplicate entry of Google China
  • For changes in the previous versions: See our changelog

If you already have a previous version of the rank tracker and want to keep all your existing profiles simply copy the .exe file of the latest version and replace it with the old one and you will have the latest version with your old profiles.

Click here to Download Rank Tracker V1.2

Click here to Download Rank Tracker V1.2

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Having problem with the latest version? Try an older one! Click here to download an earlier version of Rank Tracker!