Search Engine Scraper is a scraper for Google, Google local, yahoo and bing.

Search engine scraper image preview

Search engine scraper image preview


  • Easy to use
  • Supports Google (International and local, for complete list of Google versions supported click here ), Yahoo and Bing
  • Scraper can have footprint for all urls you are searching
  • Proxy support
  • Remove duplicate scraped sites
  • PageRank checker and ability to sort urls by PageRank


New in this version:

  • V1.3 Fixed the multiple page scrap for Google which was not working properly and added the ability to disable Google filtering (Google filtering doesn’t show similar results)
  • For changes in the previous versions: See our changelog


How to use:

  • Copy or import list of keywords
  • Select search engine to use
  • Set custom footprint if you want
  • Set proxies through the proxies tab (Strongly suggested to avoid IP bans)
  • Click “Start Scraping” (button changes to “Stop Scraping” which can be used to stop the scraper)
  • Click the “Remove Duplicates” button to remove scraper results that occured more than once
  • When the scraper is finished the nutton “Stop Scraping” will be reverter back to “Start Scraping” then you can copy the scraped urls or click save to save them to a text file

PR checker:

  • Copy or import list of websites you want to check their pagerank
  • Set proxies through the proxies tab (Strongly suggested to avoid IP bans. Not working proxies will results in a -1 PR of the site)
  • Set the minimum and maximum waiting between PageRank requests (this is a random waiting time to emulate human behavior)
  • Click Start PR check (The PR checker can be stopped by clicking the Stop PR check button
  • Sites can be sorted by URL or PR (both ascendind and descending order) by clicking on either ther URL or PR header
  • The list of the websites with their pagerank can be saved as a CSV or a text file by clicking Save list
How to use Search Engine Scraper

Click here to Download Download Search Engine Scraper V1.3

Click here to Download Search Engine Scraper V1.3

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