Search Engine Scraper FAQ and Troubleshooter:
Q: I downloaded the software but my antivirus doesn’t allow me to open it.
A: Your antivirus because the software requests access to the web thinks its a trojan (this is a common issue with Norton). Add the software in your allow/trusted lists and it should work. We scan all our software with Virustotal to ensure that no-virus is in the software before we upload them, feel free to do the same.

Q:Software does not open but its not caused by the antivirus.
A: All our software requires the .NET 4.0 framework. You can download it for free from Microsoft.

Q: Does the software accept authenticated proxies?
A: The software at the moment does not accept authenticated proxies.

Q: How should the proxy info be stored to be accepted by the software?
A: The accepted format is:

Q: Can Google ban me for using this software?
A: Google can ban you for using any kind of bot. We strongly suggest using human emulation or proxies if you are making a lot of requests (large number of keywords and/or pages)

Q: What are the Google versions supported by the software?
A: The list of Google versions supported by the software can be found here

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