Our Url Unshortener is aimed in helping you unshorten your URL’s effortlessly.

Url unshortener screenshot

New in this version:

  • V0.1.1 Some code and GUI enhancements
  • V0.2 Added an automatic update check to the software
  • V0.3 Added an automatic update feature to the software
  • V0.4 Improved the save feature

How to use:
Just copy-paste (or import) the URL’s you want to unshorten to the software and click unshorten!
All services that directly redirect your url should work with the software

How to use Url Unshortener

List of supported/tested services:

  • Adfly
  • Tinyurl
  • Bitly

Click here to Download Url Unshortener V0.4

Click here to Download Url Unshortener V0.4

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