This blog post will look most likely completely unrelated to my other posts but I will be writing about topics such as this every now and then. First off I would like to say that I appreciate hubpages for all that it has done for me as it was my first blogging website and it also got me my adsense account and amazon associates account. It all started from nothing and has evolved to this very website (which was my full time employment at some stage) so my appreciation has to be stated beforehand. I understand that this article would be a better fit for my hubpages account as a farewell letter than here but it was a decision I took since I won’t be using that account anymore.
First off I should say when this issue started. Hubpages got hit very hard (like a lot of other websites) during the Panda update and like other websites they changed their strategy implementing new rules and new features (such as the switch from folders to sub-domains) and this has mainly worked out. Don’t get me wrong hubpages always had rules and rejected articles but it never was down to heavy moderation of good posts.
One of the first issues I experienced was when someone duplicated my article with relatively few minor changes (my article was posted 3 months before the other article appeared). What happened was I received an email saying my article was spam and was quoted from somewhere else and they rejected it (that is 3 months after my article was published). A quick search revealed that this was a common issue hubbers had, and it was troubling. I tried getting the person to remove my article but had no success so my hard work on writing (and ranking) that article went to waste.
The next and final issue happened recently and was extremely frustrating. While I was a hubber I’ve discussed about a number of subjects from game reviews, book reviews, statistics and SEO. These hubs had mixed success but because near the end I was learning more and more about SEO I leaned towards the latter and an enormous amount of my hubs has been about SEO software reviews and strategies. A few weeks back I published a nicely written general article about email scraping in my hubpages account (that was before I created this blog here) even saying that it was illegal in some countries. As an example of software I of course listed my very own Email Scraper Wizard but trust me that was only a very minor topic in the article. What happened then was that all hell broke loose. Within the same day the article was rejected and more than 10 of my software reviews were removed (some have been published for over two year ago).
I honestly don’t mind having lost some of the links pointing to my website, I really don’t care. The change in policy with heavy moderation I can understand but up to a point. These articles were written with a lot of effort and some of the software reviews they deleted was just because the name of the software sounded like something Blackhat seo users would use (example instant article wizard). If they rejected the articles within a week of me publishing them I wouldn’t care and would find another place then to put these reviews. These reviews are mainly historical now as some of the software are not really used anymore. However these articles were ranking high and were bringing maybe 1-2 visitors a month to my account (each) and that person could navigate to my other articles. Republishing now these articles and trying to rank for them would be a waste of time (since it would be difficult to rank since much more aged articles exists and my article could be regarded as duplicate content) for the 1-2 visitors they may bring.
Overall it has been a good journey with hubpages but I have to say goodbye. I honestly believe if they keep removing articles a lot of people will go alongside myself and who can blame them. So so long hubpages and good luck.